We love Media & Software Development

We have a team with high-level skills in programing and algorithms already with an extensive know-how in manipulation of different digital formats manipulation.

Having an important role in the implementation and maintenance of all aspects of the company’s software solutions, the team ensures that they are state-of-the-art implementations targeted towards the media & entertainment industry.

 How to Apply


Comprehensive knowledge in multimedia content and its whole processing chain, ranging from capture, to ingest, production, playout, archival or distribution;

Consolidated knowledge on media standards, accompanying the standardization organisms, like SMPTE, AMWA

Experience with MXF SDK’s including open-source libraries like mxflib and ebu-mxfsdk

Advance Experience in programming languages:

C++, C#, Java, Python and Javascript

Experience in multi-platform development

Experience with hardware and software-based, proprietary and open-source Codec Libraries

Windows, MacOS, Linux

Server, desktop and mobile

Extended knowledge in general development applications

Webservices REST/SOAP and Low-level communication protocols

Relational Databases

Programming Languages

C++ 99%

C# 90%

Java 85%

Node.js 75%

Javascript 75%


Our Team Profile

When it comes to our dream candidate for any position in mediagaps, here are just a few of the key attributes we are looking for:
speaks English fluently
willing to travel
> organised, self-directed and proactive
> forward-thinking problem solver


Why join us?

We are a fast growing company with projects around media processing tools in well-know reality shows, sports and entertainment events around the world.

Expect to find a relaxed & informal office environment. We are highly focused on results rather than working in a traditional hourly-approach.

We offer compensation and fringe benefits compatible with your experience.



Think you’ve got what it takes? Send your resume to Joana at joana@mediagaps.com! We look forward to meeting you!

Know us better

Joana Maia

(Founder & Business Manager)

Paulo Costa

(Founder & Chief Solutions Architect)

Ricardo Serra

(Software Engineer)

José Costa

(DevOps Engineer)

Rui Neves

(Software Engineer)

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